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Welcome to my Website 
Amelia Marriette

Please scroll down and click one of the images below to visit the page that interests you most - whether it be one of my books or to find out about my plays, lectures or my curating services. 


Walking into Alchemy. A non-fiction book in English is about the benefits of walking as a way to improve mental health and well-being. A heart-warming book about the beauty of the Austrian countryside, about finding one's path in life and a very positive book about the transformative power of nature.​ Walking into Alchemy is currently in the top 100 books in the category "Walking through Fitness" in the UK. You can watch the drone film of my walk and read the reviews. My book is also now available in German as Alchemie des Gehens.

What links all my interests and work?

I have enjoyed a variety of careers, and I have many passions and interests, but there is one thing that links all of them, and that is communication - each image below will take you to a page that explains my passion for communication in all its forms, whether it be playwrighting, curating or lecturing, I love words, and I love to share my knowledge.


As well as writing books and plays, I really like the immediacy of writing blogs. I write about walking, of course, but also Shakespeare, playwrighting, paintings, Gustav Holst and more!   I am opening up my blog page to writers now, so please do get in touch.

Book - Walking into Alchemy by Amelia Marriette

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Alchemie des Gehens von Amelia Marriette - Buch
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