Walking into Alchemy Image 19 Walk 18 Ma
Walking into Alchemy Image 19 Walk 18 Ma

The German Edition

of Walking into Alchemy is coming!

Opens April 28 - Closes 30 June 



It will only exist if we reach our target! Please reserve your copy today

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Die deutsche Ausgabe von Walking into Alchemy kommt!

Start April 28- Schließt am 30. Juni



Wenn unserer Crowdfunding Kampagne erfolgreich ist kommt Das Buch im Herbst heraus!

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Bitte können Sie unser Lockdown-Projekt unterstützen?

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Please click below on my AUTHOR page to find out more about my book Walking into Alchemy, a book about the benefits of walking as a way to improve mental health and wellbeing. A heart-warming book about the beauty of the Austrian countryside, about finding one's path in life and a very positive feel-good love story. Or if you would like to read the book in German you can pledge for a copy today to receive it in the autumn. 




Please visit my blog if you like to read about nature, finding beauty in the world, occasional posts about Shakespeare, composers, playwrighting and more!

I have enjoyed a variety of careers, and I have many passions and interests, but there is one thing that links all of them, and that is communication - each image below explains my passion for communication in all it's forms.

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