Exhausted and wounded after coping with redundancy and depression, Amelia Marriette suddenly found her life taking a turn for the better through a chance meeting with an Austrian-born woman, Katie, with whom she was to find love. The couple relocated to Austria and Amelia set out on a journey both physical and spiritual, a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation through the exploration of nature, centred on her resolution to complete the same 13-mile walk through the hills and woods of beautiful Carinthia every week for a year. By the time that year was over, Amelia knew she had found healing, peace and true happiness.

Walking into Alchemy - Digital - E-book

  • Just visit your app store and install a free ebook reader. There are many to choose from. No need for any additional hardware! If you have any problems please contact me and I will send you a pdf instead.

  • The price is in Euros but please rest assured that you will be charged the price as advertised in the UK - £23.00 and £3.99 respectively. If you have any problems please use the contacts page to contact me.

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