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"For anyone struggling with life, it shows us that there is hope and that better things are around the corner." Goodreads Review, Sharon Probert, December 2019                                           

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Amelia Marriette

Scroll down to find out about my first work of non-fiction Walking into Alchemy, and about the benefits of walking as a way to improve mental health and wellbeing. Find out more about my plays for the stage and radio. Or find out about my work as a lecturer - my specialist subject is Shakespeare in performance. 


I have enjoyed a variety of careers, and I have many passions and interests, but there is one thing that links all of them, and that is communication.


My first work of non-fiction Walking into Alchemy: The Transformative Power of Nature, a book about the mental health benefits of walking, took me three years to complete.

Walking into Alchemy has allowed me to communicate my ideas in a longer format, and I have enjoyed the process very much. I am new to blogging, but I am finding that this is an exciting way to communicate as it has a thrilling immediacy. My blog is about my new life in Austria; the joys of learning how to live frugally and simply by growing organically and eating healthily. And how turning to nature to recover from the vicissitudes of life can be life-changing.

I love the theatre because as a playwright I must engage with the audience in the moment, and having been made redundant from my job as a Keeper of Art, I try to take time to keep up my playwrighting skills. My play, Nay, Remember Me! about Shakespeare and the First Folio was published recently and is very popular with large-cast amateur companies. 

I was a radio presenter for five years presenting Amelia's Culture Show on Riviera FM, and I am passionate about the spoken word. I am in the process of releasing my back catalogue of radio shows onto Soundcloud at the moment, shows that celebrate the work of stars of the 40s and 50s - jazz, blues and musical hits of the early part of the 20th century. I also have programmes about Shakespeare for you to listen to.


As a lecturer, focusing on Shakespeare in Performance and Shakespeare on Film, I am always looking for a way to convey information engagingly and bring my subjects to life.  I am now offering my Shakespeare Lectures via Zoom. 

Please click on the BOXES > below. To find out more about my first work of non-fiction please click on AUTHOR>. Walking into Alchemy is a heart-warming book about the beauty of the Austrian countryside, about finding one's path in life and a very positive feel-good love story. Or perhaps you would like to find out more about my theatre scripts, my radio back catalogue or my Shakespeare talks and lectures - again just click on one of the boxes below. 


Please hit the subscribe button in the header or footer to sign up for my blog if you like to hear stories about nature and finding beauty in the world. I would also love to hear from you - so do get in touch.

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