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By Amelia Marriette

I have an MA in Shakespeare Studies; my specialism is Shakespeare in Performance. I was a script reader for the Royal Shakespeare Company for four years. I was a founder member of Stratford Playwrights, which was based in Stratford-upon-Avon. Please take a look below at my stage work. I am the playwright on attachment for the Malvern Theatre Players, and they have produced all my work to date, But I have also had my work produced at The Other Place Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Do make contact if you would like me to act as a textual consultant on your script or if you want me to adapt a classic script or commission an original piece of work. 

Original Pieces

Nay, Remember Me!  A comedy-drama about Shakespeare and the First Folio of 1623. Available now and published by Lazy Bee Scripts. Nay, Remember Me! was first performed as part of the Royal Shakespeare Fringe in 2001 at The Other Place Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon to sell-out audiences. It was immediately published in a small print run by Stratford Playscripts and sold at the Royal Shakespeare Company retail outlets. Nay. Remember Me! was then revived in March 2010 and performed at the Coach House Theatre in Malvern and then toured to the stunning medieval barn at Torre Abbey in Torquay, which was turned into a bespoke theatre for the occasion. Nay, Remember Me! was nominated for best drama in the West Midland Region by the National Operatic and Dramatic Association in 2010 - and their representative Trevor Guest said that "Nay. Remember Me! has humour and pathos," adding that the script is exceptionally well-written." Nay, Remember Me! is published by Lazy Bee Scripts.

2023 marks the 400th anniversary of the printing of the First Folio; you can visit the website of Drama & Theatre Magazine to read my article about the First Folio and my play Nay, Remember Me!

Review of Nay Remember Me by Amelia Marriette by NODA.jpg

Please contact me if you would like to contact me to enquire about my playwrighting workshop using Nay, Remember Me! I can come to you.  I include a talk about the First Folio, and then we move on to writing and performing. Suitable for sixth formers, amateur dramatics groups or teachers. OR you can get a Writing Workshop pack to use on your own.  

PORTERS and AUCTIONEER photograph courte
Front Flyer for Nay Remember Me by Amelia Marriette Malvern Shakespeare Folio 400 Festival

Two Short Stage Plays

"Nighthawks" and "Binding Faggots." The former was staged as a rehearsed readings in the Royal Shakespeare Company's Summerhouse, the latter at the Civic Hall in Stratford-upon-Avon."Binding Faggots" is based on a painting by Brueghel and "Nighthawks" Edward Hopper's painting of the same name.

""Nighthawks" manages to maintain many of the best qualities of the film noir tradition whilst at the same time laughing at itself by using the sort of exaggerated metaphors Philip Marlowe might have been spoken had he been on speed." 

Ron Westrich, Stratford Herald, October 2002

Nighthawks Hopper.jpg
Nighthawks short play by Amelia Marriette Production image

"Binding Faggots" was also performed in May 2013 at Barber Institute, Birmingham University. The painting is part of the Barber Institute's art collection. It was performed to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Institute. It was produced and directed by Anna Conomos of Annamation Storytellers.

Binding Faggots by Amelia Marriette short play

Adaptation of "The Revenger's Tragedy"

Using the knowledge I gained whilst studying for an MA in Shakespeare Studies at the Shakespeare Institute, I was commissioned to write an actor's edition of Thomas Middleton's The Revenger's Tragedy (1606). My version was performed on a replica of the Globe Theatre at the Forum Theatre.

"The Revenger's Tragedy" [was] performed by Malvern Theatre Players, and the script [edited by Amelia Marriette is] fast-paced and lively".

Anon, Malvern Gazette, 2005.

Revengers adaptation by Amelia Marriette

Adaptations of Classics for Children

In 2011, 2012, and 2013, I adapted three classic works: "Alice in Wonderland", "The Secret Garden" and "The Wind in the Willows." All adaptations were commissioned by Malvern Theatre Players and produced at the Forum Theatre in the January post-Christmas season. The large casts gave actors with experience a chance to share their knowledge and gave first-time actors opportunities to learn new skills. Members of the local community were involved: Worcester University designed and made all the costumes. Local children took on roles as extras. All were directed by Chris Bassett, and the artwork for the back-projected graphics was created by Amy Riches.​ 

WIND IN THE WILLOWS was BACK in July 2023 - an outdoor performance in Priory Park - Performing to full houses every night! 

Alice in Wonderland adapted by Amelia Marriette
The Secret Garden adapted by Amelia Marriette
Wind in the Willows adapted by Amelia Marriette


Radio Play

Point Blank

My first play for radio "Point Blank" was broadcast on Riviera FM Radio on Wednesday 6th June 2012. It was also broadcast on Soundart Radio, Dartington on 11 November 2012.

Point Blank takes place on the Western Front in France during the First World War; 1977 - the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee - and the interwar years in England and Germany. It is based on the tragic true story of one professional soldier's utter disillusionment. This led him to save the life on one German Corporal. That German Corporal became the Chancellor of Germany. That German Corporal was Adolf Hitler.

"Point Blank" was brilliant from concept, writing and production values. It was as good as any BBC play I have heard and better than some."

Martin Foster, Founder Riviera FM Radio. 

"Congratulations. An ambitious but well-crafted piece. Get it onto Radio 4!"

Richard Fowler, A listener from Halifax, via email


TO LISTEN TO POINT BLANK as it was broadcast on Riviera FM Radio in 2012. Click on the arrow below.

Point Blank mixdown FINAL CUT 1.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 43:50

 Do you need to hire a Costume?

Malvern Theatre Players have the most wonderful costume hire department. Please visit their website for more information or phone 01684 569011 or email Chris Bassett please write COSTUME HIRE to in the subject line

Amelia Marriette in a cape with a lions head clasp from the hire wardrobe Malvern Theatre
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