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Guest Bloggers Welcome

Are you interested in becoming a

Guest Blogger?

Amelia Marriette snow shoe hiking on the Dobratsch Mountains in Villach Austria

Blog Themes

Please make contact if you are interested in becoming a Guest Blogger. The subjects that I cover in my book Walking into Alchemy and on my site are:

  • Walking as a Nature Cure.

  • Walking & Mental Health & Wellbeing.

  • Nature and Ornithology.

  • Walking and Art.

  • Walking and Literature.

  • Women Walking. Click here to read my blog about female walkers in history and the act of walking the same route many times. 

  • Walkers in history.

  • Walking and Photography.

  • Spiritual Alchemy.  Click here to read my blog about Spiritual Alchemy.

  • My book about walking was recently translated into German and published as Alchemie des Gehens.  Has your book been translated? What was that like for you - or are you a translator of books? Please tell us your story. 

  • An Artist's Life.

  • A Writer's Life. Click here to watch my Vlog about writing non-fiction - how personal should it be?

  • Personal stories about the Second World War as it pertains to Austria - this is the subject of my next book. Click here to read about my father and RAF Klagenfurt in Southern Austria.

  • Shakespeare - any angle you like! Click here to read my blog about Shakespeare and Mental Health. Or click here to read about my play Nay, Remember Me! about Shakespeare's First Folio of 1623.

  • Theatre, drama, speech, acting - whatever you like!

  • Gustav Holst - write about the man or his music. Click here to read my blog about Gustav Holst and Walking.

  • Your blog needs to be about 1,200 - 1,500 words in length with images and captions.

Conditions and Fees

The fee for hosting your blog on my site is 5 Euros. Or if you prefer, for just 1.99, you can buy a copy of my book by following this link Walking into Alchemy and write a review on Goodreads. 

If you are interested, please make contact, and we can have an informal chat to see if we can work together.

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Meet Two of my Guest Bloggers

Amelia Blog Sabrina Griffen castle.jpeg

Sabrina Balin, teacher, writer, chef.

Sam Richards composer and writer.JPG

Sam Richards, writer, composer, teacher.

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