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My Corner of Austria by Amelia Marriette

A stunning view above Bad St. Leonhard in Austria
Beautiful Carinthia, Austria

A few months ago the administrators of the Facebook group the British in Austria asked me to write about the area where I now live in Carinthia, Austria. As I talk about Easter in the blog I thought it might be good to share it with you all now.

Happy Easter everyone, whatever faith you hold, or don't hold, Spring is (almost) here and I like to celebrate that if nothing else!

But before you click the link - I have other news! If you live in Austria or are planning a trip to Austria then why not visit Wolfsberg on 23 April 2022 and experience the first ever WORLD BOOK DAY here!

I will be posting more about this after Easter.

Come and meet the authors of the Lavanttal
World Book Day in Wolfsberg 23 April 2022

I hope that you enjoy reading about My Corner of Austria. Here is the link:

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