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Is the Pandemic making you feel angry? Perhaps, raising money for charity might be the answer.

At the beginning of the virus, I was like most people afraid and worried. But most of us believed that it would all be over by the autumn and certainly by Christmas. But here we are in late October, and there seems to be no end in sight. It is still worrying and alarming, but now for many people, worry is turning into anger and sadness mainly because we feel so powerless in the face of this terrible pandemic.

I know that I feel angry and frustrated because the hardest hit are the most vulnerable in society. Recently the news has been filled with stories of families suffering; to think that children, especially, are going hungry in the UK which is, we must not forget, a very wealthy country is unthinkably awful. So, can I do anything?

I had been trying to think of ways when a good friend sent me a link to an article written by Rebecca Marston, the Business reporter for BBC News. Marston states that during the Pandemic people have been 'rediscovering books' and sales have been escalating. Marston's article made me think of ways that I could act and do something positive. So, I scoured the website and found that the Rotary Club in Malvern, my home town, is raising money to provide 100 hampers for families hit the hardest by the virus. Because my book tour was postponed in April, just days before I was due to travel from Austria where I now live to the UK, I have 100 copies of my book, Walking into Alchemy: The Transformative Power of Nature lying in the Coach House Theatre in Malvern. I made contact with the Rotary Club, and for every book, I sell from my website I will donate £5.00 to the Rotary Club Appeal and £1.00 for every e-book I sell.

In addition, I have been receiving messages from people saying that reading about my recovery from depression following redundancy and following my weekly walks in the Austrian landscape has been providing solace and bringing some comfort. So perhaps those who are in isolation or suffering my also find it helpful.

"Having picked up this book, I must say I found it hard to put down. It's a truly inspirational read. For anyone struggling with life, it shows us that there is hope and that better things are around the corner if we are willing to take chances." Sharon Probert, Amazon Review, 28th December 2019

"If you're looking for a gently transformative book, solace for your soul, or just like reading about someone going for walks I heartily endorse this book." Goodreads, Jacquie Walters, 7th March 2020

I feel a little less angry about the situation now, and this has made me want to find more ways to help. I'll let you know what my next fund-raising project will be. Do comment and let me know how you are feeling, especially if you are in self-isolation or feeling a bit fed up - send me a message and I will get back to you.

If you would like to buy a book for yourself or a friend, perhaps as a gift, please visit my website to find out more and please mark your order ROTARY APPEAL MALVERN and I will despatch copies via the post, or you can download an e-book immediately. (N.B. Donations can only be made on sales made directly from my website. Offer applies in the UK and EU only.)

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