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Is Crowdfunding for the brave? + Free Online Talk about Walking into Alchemy

This is just a little update about the crowdfunding campaign that we began working on in January and launched in April. We launched our campaign with the company Startnext. Their tagline is "The Future Belongs to the Brave" - I can see why. I think that one does have to be brave, you put your idea out there and you have to have faith. At first, my team and I were not only excited but also a little nervous and apprehensive, then slowly the pledges came in - and as of today we have passed the 6,000 mark and we are so delighted!

That said, we have in fact reached just over 60% of our total and we have just over 2 weeks left, but with over 100 German editions of Walking into Alchemy – Alchemie des Gehens reserved for delivery in the autumn and 15 English books reserved we are feeling very hopeful. But we do need to meet our target or we will not be successful and the German version will not be born.

Good News for you in the UK

If you are reading this and you live in the UK, I have some good news for you! Postage and packing is now free on UK orders until the end of the campaign which is the 30th of June. You can, for example, order a signed, full-colour English version of Walking into Alchemy, or if you have a copy already or want to wait for the audio version which will be coming in 2022 why not order one of Katie Gayle's wonderful items made especially for the campaign?

The Rumi Apple or Rumi Spiral

The Rumi Apple or Rumi Spiral are Katie's imaginative visual representation of the quote from the Persian Poet Rumi: "Keep looking at the wounded place; that is where the light enters you." which I quote in my book Walking into Alchemy in Chapter 61. They are made of papiermaché, and after they were complete and formed, Katie cut them open to create a wound and then she literally knitted the wound together with metal, she added a light and as if by magic Rumi's words come alive. Katie chose to make the same idea in two versions because the spiral evokes Persia, and the apple form pays homage to the apple tree of my walk, the one that I visited every week for a year.

A papiermache form with a metal wound and a spiral feature made by Katie Gayle
Katie Gayle's visual representation of a quote from the Persian Poet Rumi

Katie Gayle's visual representation of the quote from the Persian Poet Rumi

Walking into Alchemy Poem

I was asked to write a summary of my book – I am not good at that- so I wrote a poem instead, also called Walking into Alchemy. The poem is also available and comes in a felt cover with a handmade brooch also made by Katie Gayle. The poem is in both English and German – but it's actually fun to read the German translation alongside the English version. Honestly!

Extract from Walking into Alchemy by Amelia Marriette

Cover for Poem Walking into Alchemy, Silver Brooch made by Katie Gayle

In other News

On Thursday 17th June at 6.00 pm the Carinthian International Centre are opening up my talk about my book to the public. It is FREE to reserve a place. I will be talking about and reading from Walking into Alchemy.

17th June at 6.00 in the evening. Please reserve your place here:

Thank you all for helping me and my team - we are overwhelmed by your support and love!

Best wishes,

Amelia, Claudia, Markus and Myriam.


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